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Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions govern the relationship between the company  Nature Activities (hereinafter NA) and the client. These are complemented by specific conditions of each NA activity program. The activity registration presupposes the knowledge and condition acceptance.

1. Reserves and Payments

1.1. Reserves are considered valid after confirmed by NA.

1.2. Payments may be made at time of reservation, before or after the activity. Payment can be made in different ways: – Cash – Payable check to CARLOS FILIPE VIEIRA CATANAS LOURENÇO – Bank transfer NIB: 0010 0000 4892 6000 00132 IBAN: PT50 0010 0000 4892 6000 00132 BIC / SWIFT: BBPIPTPL

1.3. If payment is made by bank transfer, booking is only valid when confirmed. The client must inform NA about bank transfer, and present receipt or payment proof, so that our services can validate the reservation timely.

1.4. No registrations are accepted at the activity starting.

2. Prices

2.1. Activities prices are based, among other factors, in cost of services, insurance, transport, etc. Price also includes Value-Added Tax (VAT) in force, except in cases otherwise noted. 2.2. NA reserves the right to change the activities prices whenever is verified a variation in the cost of services or other outside factors. Whenever there is a price change, the client will be informed and invited within the time line which it has been set, to accept the increase or unsubscribe. If client wishes to unsubscribe the activity based on a price increase, will be refunded with the amount paid upon registration.

2.3. Activities prices do not include transportation and personal spending.

3. Cancellations and Refunds

3.1. Whenever a client wishes to withdraw its activity must do it within two business days prior the activity, in writing, by regular mail or electronically, otherwise costs can be charged, or may lose the total amount previously paid.

3.2. No-show by the client in the place, day and time pre-set for the activity, is considered withdrawn, and occurs in the total loss of the payment, there will be no complaint.

3.3. It is considered as a no-show, delays greater than or equal to 15 minutes beyond the pre-set time.

4. Impossibility of performance

4.1. If facts attributable or not to KNA may determine the postponement or cancellation of the activity, the client may choose to refund the entire subscription or change your registration to another activity of equivalent price. If the other chosen activity is lower or higher price, client will be entitled to reimbursement or to pay the difference, respectively. If proposed new date to the activity performance, client can choose to keep his/her enroll.

4.2. In case there are not united the minimum number of participants indicated in the program of each activity, NA can: * Keep the realization of the activity with a reduced number of participants on payment of a supplement; * Opt to cancel the activity up to five days after the registration deadline, reimbursing the customer, without any other liability of NA for this cancellation.

5. Changes

5.1. In order to ensure greater safety and welfare in carrying out the activities, NA reserves the right to change time, location and structure of the same if any weather, hydrographic or other unaware factor of NA, which compel it.

6. Activity’s difficulty degree

6.1. Our activities are accessible to anyone who’s healthy and practices exercise with some regularity. To help choosing the activity that best fits your physical condition, we present an information parallel to each one by type, difficulty, duration, distance, location, time advised, participant’s number by minimum and maximum, and what to bring.

6.2. Difficulty degree of each program is defined based on the following factors: • Technical activity difficulty; • Distance.

6.3. We’ve define three degrees of difficulty, namely: low, medium and high. (Low) – For beginners at hiking and kayaking, are physically undemanding, with short distances. (Midium) – For anyone practicing sport regularly and used to make 3-5 hours hikes with some unevenness. In kayaking, distances can be greater than 15km. (High) – For the fitter. Physically demanding activities. Large distances on uneven footpaths with accented climbs. In kayak, distances greater than 25km.

7. Insurance

7.1. All participants are required to be covered by NA insurance.

7.2. In all NA activities, customer is covered by personal accident insurance (Policy n. ° 202 095 172, Allianz Portugal, SA)

7.3. KNA professional activities are covered by liability insurance (Policy nº 202068867, Allianz, Portugal, SA)

8. Client Responsibility

8.1. The client must respect the timetable set for the commencement of activities as well as the intermediate schedules that are being defined in the same tab. Delays, and manifest, lack of care for the other participants, may preclude performing the activity.

8.2. The client is responsible for choosing an activity that suits his skills, fitness and health and also to provide personal information in advance of the activity.

8.3. The client should follow the recommendations and environmental legal rules or established while the activity is carried out in accordance with the instructions of the guide, and respect the rights and privacy.

8.4. When registering, NA must be informed of any specific needs.

9. Limitation of liability

9.1. NA is not responsible for personal injury or property damage as a result of (but not limited to): physical exhaustion because inadequacy of the participant physical capabilities to activities program; transport; adventure sport activities; breakdown or failure of equipment, natural causes, consumption of alcoholic drinks, arrest or abduction, terrorism, lack or limited access to medications or medical care in remote locations, altitude sickness, and appropriateness of health care when provided.

9.2. NA is only responsible for the participants during the period in which the activities are conducted.

9.3. NA is not responsible for any client property.

10. Permit

10.1 NA is a registered tourism company based in Gregory Urbanization No 32 D 7645-223 Vila Nova de Milfontes. It’s a company licensed by Turismo de Portugal IP, via National Register of Agents Tourist Animation (RNAAT) No 115/2013, having their activities recognized as nature tourism. This Company is also authorized by the Institute for Nature Conservation and Biodiversity (IP ICNB), to operate in all protected areas included in its activity.

10.2. The Website By accessing this website user acknowledge and accepts without reservation the following conditions of use:


All content in this website were developed and designed by NA.

11.1 All data contained in this website is strictly informational.

11.2. You acknowledge that all information and content available at this website, including images, videos, text and information, logos and graphic design of the website or any document contained in it, are the intellectual or industrial property of NA or others, which authorized their inclusion.

11.3. It is forbidden to the User to copy, store, reproduce, modify, transmit, disclose, or otherwise making accessible, to others, the information provided through this website, except for personal use and for free. Any use of information should always refer to the source.

11.4. The content and information provided on this website may at any time be changed by NA without notice.


NatureActivities offers several activities, from kayak trips to yoga or even wine tasting, sometimes the hardest part programming a trip, is to find accomodation.To make it easier, visit  and compare the best hotels, at the best price. Dont lose more time to enjoy everything we have to offer.


Nature Activities offers several activities, from kayak trips to yoga or even wine tasting, sometimes the hardest part programming a trip, is to find accomodation.To make it easier, click here  and compare the best hotels, at the best price. Dont lose more time to enjoy everything we have to offer.

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